All-in-One Electronic Pollbook & Election Management Solution

The GBS Valid Voter® Electronic Pollbook is an all-in-one election management solution designed specifically with polling place staff in mind. Our solution makes the voting process  much easier to manage, from start to finish.

Carefree Compliance

No matter how you slice it, transitioning to an e-pollbook solution can streamline the voting experience for polling place staff and voters alike.




At least 34 states including the District of Columbia currently use electronic poll-books to process voters at the polls.
13 states and counting currently allow Vote Centers, making e-poll books more relevant than ever
There have been 1,132 proven instances of voter fraud in the United States.

Valid Voter® Electronic Pollbook Solution

With Valid Voter®, it’s never been easier to check voters in quickly, accurately, and securely.

Secure Search

Search voter rolls intuitively and quickly.

Seamless Check-In

Issue the right ballot, right on time with convenient check-in and signature verification features.

Valid Voter pollbook components ipad
Image of the Valid Voter electronic pollbook management dashboard

All-in-One Election Management

Our robust back-end Analytics Dashboard provides the critical data you need, centralized & at-a-glance.


Manage configurations for General and Primary elections.


Configure and monitor devices remotely.

Training & Support

Personalized training, support, and customer service. Count on us to get you up and running.


Training provided to polling place staff ahead of election day.

On-Site Support

Our team of reliable experts will provide day-of on-site support.

Product Features

Issue the correct ballot, faster

Our intuitive search functionality allows poll center staff to pull critical voter data quickly and easily. Multiple fields allow you to search by voter name, address, and more; ensuring a more secure, more accurate, and more streamlined voting experience.

Secure, connected

Our Valid Voter® e-pollbook solution seamlessly connects vertically to the backend and can communicate with nearby devices to ensure everyone (and every device) is on the same page online or off!

The right ballot, right on time

Our ballot verification feature uses a convenient QR code to ensure you’re issuing the right ballot in real-time.

Early & Same-Day Compliance

Voters are covered with both early and same-day registration. You can even change addresses when you verify the proper precinct.

Use for specific precincts or Vote Centers

Devices can be used in precinct modes where only specific voters are available, or in Voter Center mode ready to register and check-in all voters. You can also easily customize all modes.

Protected, together

Information is protected between devices and the server, with all devices continuously updating each other, online or off. 

Intelligence at your fingertips

Our Analytics & Reporting Dashboard gives you the critical data you need to make informed decisions. See real-time check-in data, along with a full database of registered voters segmented by age, location, party, and precinct.

General and Primary configurations on demand

You can configure both Primary and General elections and monitor them – all remotely.

Seamless Integration

Voting Registration (VR) machine data can be easily imported and exported for seamless integration with voter registration files.

Voter access

Safe and secure voter access cards can be created for Paperless TSX burner functionality.


Personalized Consultation

Speak with an election management expert today.